Twitter has gone so mainstream that now even my dad and Warren Buffet have Twitter handles! Apparently Buffet has always had an aversion to technology, but he jumped on the social media bandwagon – and rapidly accrued hundreds of thousands of followers in mere minutes. We saw further evidence of social media’s ubiquity in the last election – Obama for America was totally dialed into social, connecting with voters, and then powered their social analytics strategy with NetBase insights. So it is no surprise that now the king of investments is joining the 140-character conversation. The May 4th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker covered the social media response to Mr. Buffett’s Twitter debut, and while 39% were excited, 57% couldn’t stop tweeting and Facebooking about his growing follower count. 1% said they weren’t excited, and 3% cracked jokes. Check out some of the extra jokes below:

Calm down, Internet. @WarrenBuffett joining Twitter is not gonna make you rich.

Warren Buffett accumulates Twitter followers even faster than he makes money.

Rumor has it that Warren Buffet joined Twitter today. The collective I.Q. just sloped upward.