Tru Access Blog - The Millennial Hustler

I had a brief exchange on twitter the other day with an impressive Millennial All Star and a true Millennial Hustler. Shout out to my man @TheGoldner for inspiring this post. As a part of @TheGoldner’s twitter profile, he appropriately lists “Millennial Hustler” among his list of credentials. That got me thinking about millennials and the hustler mentality that they embody. Who is The Millennial Hustler and why does he or she hustle?

Millennials take tremendous pride in being multitalented and multifaceted. They do not want to be defined simply by one thing and they definitely don’t want, what they do, to be confused with who they are.

Historically, a well paying and highly respected profession like a lawyer would be enough to satisfy members of past generations. If you ask a millennial lawyer what he or she does however, they are more likely to respond by saying that they practice law, do motivational speaking and a partner in a production company. This is the hustler mentality. “You always have to have more than one side hustle” as one millennial put it.

This generation is also careful not to confuse what they do with who they are. Instead of saying, “I’m a lawyer”, they’ll say, “I practice law”. Instead of saying, “I’m a mechanic”, they’ll say, “I fix cars”. Words like change-agent, entrepreneur and “hustler” are more readily embraced terms for millennials to describe what they do.

There are number of attributes that drive the Millennial Hustler mentality. Those attributes are as follows:

1. Multifaceted lifestyle
2. Sense of Discovery
3. Need for versatility
4. Desire for diversity
5. Openness for new

Other factors that have driven the Millennial Hustler mentality have been the unstable economy and the job market. Millennials understand that they cannot simply rely on traditional corporate career opportunities to meet their needs. They realized the importance of diversifying revenue streams early on. But even more important than creating multiple revenue streams, is the ability that their multiple “side-hustles” offer to contribute to their happiness and their desire to make a difference. This Millennial Hustler mentality actually creates an opportunity for corporations that employ or seek to employ millennials.

Corporations should focus more on figuring out how to help support and encourage the “side-hustle” initiatives of millennial employees. It makes more sense to help understand how to make money with this generation of change agents and difference makers rather than chase them away and have to compete with them.

Big shout out to all my Millennial Hustlers. Keep doing what you do!

Photo Credit: The Hustle By Jay Roeder on Flickr