The Shape of things to come?

After all the years of spending our way into a debt that demands a reboot of our social expectations and reality, we face a future of need.

Three economies have emerged: the have’s, the had’s and the have nots!

Which are you?

A have not.

Are you a have not? You never got into the spending game because you did not have the access to the credit. Your social station did not grant you or you did not want the ‘trappings’ of this current time.

A had.

Are you a had, as in had an income, a life, a social way of acting and living that allowed you to buy what you wanted, when you wanted but you have lost it, because the access to credit it gone? Well you just might be the lucky one, if you can change to meet the coming tide.


Are you a have?

You have an access to all of the modern age and its offerings, you are using them and don’t understand what all the noise is about? But you might find out if the credit you live by goes bye bye. Don’t fool yourself, the layers between all of these conditions are thinner than a politician’s intellect.

Some realities.

The have not’s.

Homelessness isn’t something that happens to people who can’t cope with modern age, it is the result of the modern age. Some of the homeless are not helpless, shiftless or even lifeless, they are no less than any of us.

The had’s.

You cannot buy peace or happiness, as America and the world has found out to it’s peril. If your garage is full of stuff you don’t want and you park your car in your driveway because of this, you are in trouble.

You cannot hide the facts, the tools of the modern age let you know that too many people are in the same sinking boat.

Getting small, living within your means and not your grasp, facing the situation we are all in and getting real about it, is getting to be the new economy.

The have’s.

The load upon you will increase and with it will come the burden of the rest of us. The government is a shambles, a disfunctional Peter Principled set of corruption addled bums. They will take from you until you join the rest of us, as either a Had or a Have not!

Some considerations.

Regarding the mess we are in consider this.

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” Proverbs.