The Sizzle: Nokia. The Fri-Up: G4S Summit. The Sauce: Men in Kilts.

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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: The G4S Summit

The security shambles surrounding the games has been one of the biggest kept secrets of the Olympic Legacy so far. Last week security firm G4S admitted to a series of revelations including missing uniforms potentially in the ‘wrong hands’, the hefty requirement for army security support and their Wimbledon staff having been caught sleeping on the job.

As Brits, we’re not known for looking on the bright side and predictably, the world of social media and traditional went into a complete spin.

Here’s how the last couple of weeks went in terms of volume:

Fig 1. History graph for mentions of G4S

Until the last couple of weeks G4S was little known and not much talked about as the security firm responsible for London’s biggest ever celebration of sport. As revelations emerged, the social media world became obsessed as the story played out like a plot line of the BBC’s Twenty Twelve spoof documentary series charting the organisation of the Olympics.

The wordcloud quickly gives us a run down of issues as well as the various insults aimed at the beleaguered security firm.

Our personal favourite reference: ‘change a lightbulb’.

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

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