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The Fri-Up: Stone Roses sadness

The lack of Glastonbury this year hasn’t stopped British music dominating the wet summer. This summer marks two significant milestones so far: the celebration of 50 years of The Rolling Stones and the Stone Roses’ reunion gigs. Both in the news for many reasons, good and bad.

The Stone Roses played a sodden Heaton Park last weekend for their Manchester homecoming gigs and are now set to play this weekend’s Saturday headline slot at Scotland’s T In the Park, Kinross. The rain didn’t dampen fans’ enthusiasm at last weekend’s gigs, demostrated by the fact that their album The Very Best Of The Stone Roses (Released in 2002), is set to re-enter the top ten this weekend. The Heaton Park gigs were a seeming triumph for the band. But as we take a look back over the week in social media, a different story emerges.

Below we see the haunting Stone Roses wordcloud. Within social media, the landmark gigs many thought would never happen are completely overshadowed by the sad disappearance of one of their fans after Friday’s concert and the subsequent social media campaign to find him.

Fig 1. Stone Roses wordcloud 29th June – 6th July 2012

Stone Roses Wordcloud

Many people local to the gig felt frustrated that the mainstream media hadn’t done enough to help find Chris Brahney as expressed by this fan below on Tumblr. ”This is f***g 2012 how is there not enough media and services to find someone. People have organised searches and are handing out flyers on their own behalf. i feel like the media are doing f**k all at the moment, which is ridiculous, as they can be of great help in cases like this.” If we look at the breakdown below, although we often see social media mentions higher as news stories are passed around, the contrast between numbers of mentions here is much more significant than usual. The fans may have been right.

Fig 2. Stone Roses by page type 29th June – 6th July 2012

We hope that Chris Brahney is found safe and that the social media campaign does unearth more information on his whereabouts. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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