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 This week in The Sizzle:  Google denies ‘cooking’ search results. The Fri-Up, Facebook’s F8. The Sauce: REM advocate the eating of whales.

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up

F8 Facebook summit – what was interesting?

So the F8 Facebook Summit last night, was streamed on Facebook and watched by hundreds of thousands, but as Brandwatch stats show, it also naturally drove a lot of people to their rival Twitter which creates a more natural realtime commentary timeline.

The event did provoke some negative sentiment – as any changes to Facebook usually do. Here’s the breakdown.

Fig 1. Sentiment surrounding Facebook’s F8

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So, what did people take away from the event? By looking at the wordcloud, we can see what was most important to those watching. For example, although Mark Zuckerberg spent a long time showing people what he’d cooked this week and how his timeline could show everyone, this didn’t show in the wordcloud. Developers as chefs, is never a link I would have made.

Fig 1. Wordcloud showing phrases surrounding F8 Facebook Summit

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From the wordcloud, it seems the most interesting features to those watching are features that other services already collate for you and allow you to share. News and music shine out as most popular.

The message is that having everything in one place is the most important thing. That said, whether you can manage to keep up with your friends breathing in and out on the same platform as news and music in the remains to be seen. This could change the game for brands – how will Facebook rank the importance of your friend ‘liking’, say Toilet Duck.


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It’s been an incredibly popular virtual networking engagement medium,  with tweeters using the campsite enviroment to get to know each other prior to meeting for real at the event.

The great news is that as the countdown to the Tweetcamp event begins, we have some prizes up for grabs – we’ll keep you posted on the @brandwatch and @tweetcamp twitter feeds and through the campsite.

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

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