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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: Bob Dylan’s Facebook debut.

There have been quite a few notable milestones in social media this week, the first being Obama’s “Four More Years” tweet stealing Justin Bieber’s Twitter retweet record. The second big milestone and one we are pretty excited about is Bob Dylan posting his first Facebook update. Whether this marks the start of an unstoppable social media commentary by the star, or whether it was purely the highly charged emotion of Tuesday’s result that moved him to write, we are yet to find out.

With over 4m likes on his page and just one status update from the star himself, he has the capacity for social media stardom. Although Dylan’s support for Obama has never been secret, he is not usually one to publicly comment on politics. Rolling Stone magazine tried and failed to get Dylan to profess his love for Obama in an interview earlier this month to which he responded: “You should be asking his wife what she thinks of him,” …… “He loves music. He’s personable. He dresses good. What the f**k do you want me to say?”

In the history graph below, we’ve taken a look at his last month across social media culminating in his support for the President.

Fig 1. History graph for mentions of Bob Dylan from 9th October until 9th November 2012

Obama’s win and Dylan’s first Facebook post arguably prompted the biggest spike in the last month, the second largest being his collaboration on a book through Johnny Depp’s publishing imprint. However, in order to put Obama in perspective of Dylan’s social media mentions across the board, it helps to look at a wordcloud across the same period.

Fig 2. Wordcloud to show topics mentioned near Bob Dylan from 9th October to 9th November 2012

Although Obama does feature heavily in the cloud, so do a raft of names from across the international entertainment scene. Bob Dylan, unsurprisingly has a host of famous friends, of which Obama is just one. Hopefully his first foray into social media has inspired him and we’ll be hearing more from the big man soon.

The Sauce:

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