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The Sizzle: Payback. The Fri-Up: Black Friday. The Sauce: Trotify

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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: Black Friday Bun Fight.

In the UK, we don’t have an equivalent to Black Friday and each year, we watch from the other side of the pond, amazed as YouTube videos are circulated showing shoppers in wrestles for $5 headphones and the best deals in Walmart. Also, unlike the Ikea riot a few years ago in the UK (provoked by a sale at a store opening), the shoppers all look excited and happy to be a part of the ritual.

With retailers opening earlier than ever, Black Friday shoppers have slammed down their Turkey and rushed out to the sales earlier than ever, the mayhem starting for some shops at midnight last night. We’ve looked at some of the US’s biggest chains, to see who has won the social media race for shoppers’ attention.

Fig 1. Volume of Mentions of Black Friday and retailers

Walmart’s deals came top of shoppers lists with Target close behind as one of the earliest to open – on Thursday night – and Best Buy completing the top three. All three of the stores simultaneously kicked off online sales in conjunction with their bricks and mortar scrambles.

Fig 2. Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

For us in the UK, the best is yet to come. In recent years, Cyber Monday has been a celebration we also have had access to as online retailers like Amazon have rushed to make their sales global. As yet, the buzz surrounding Cyber Monday has not hit the heights of Black Friday.

Perhaps the online mayhem will build over the weekend, or the online versions of Black Friday may have made the phrase redundant. There is also the possibility that would be shoppers would rather not alert others the the deals in fear of losing out themselves. Ready… set…

The Sauce:

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