Following in the footsteps of ABC Family and MTV (The CW just launched a free mobile app that lets fans stream full episodes of its current programming the next day. Given Millennials’ busy lives, we bet they’ll soon expect to access all their favorite shows on the go, and for free. Speaking of ABC Family, today is “A Day,” otherwise known as the day that “A’”s identity is revealed on the hit show “Pretty Little Liars.” The Internet has been buzzing with excitement for the finale tonight, and we’re sure it will become a trending topic on Twitter, especially since the show was among the top tweets of 2011!) (Broadcasting & Cable) (HelloGiggles) (Fox)

In an interesting marketing move to increase movie sales, Fox has created “wallscapes” in malls (where users can scan a QR code on the wall that will direct them to buy a movie online, and it will be shipped to their house. It’s an eye-catching concept, but we doubt it will be very effective among Millennials since they prefer to have access to movies rather than own them, and they aren’t very interested in QR codes. In other movie news, Yahoo! has teamed up with Fandango to start selling movie tickets on its site, making it a full film destination for reviews, trailers, and tickets!) (CNet) (TechCrunch)

It’s no secret that teens text a lot (but the latest research from Pew reveals that they send 60 texts a day! Girls text more than boys, as to be expected, with 14-17 year olds increasing their usage the most. Interestingly enough, the stat has become a trending topic on Twitter) (Mashable)

The “Hunger Games” hysteria continues thanks to Lionsgate’s numerous online marketing tactics (that have created enormous hype online, making the movie impossible to ignore. Through savvy strategies, it’s a blockbuster that the world will be watching! USA Today talks to fans ages 17-74 about why this series is so hot, er on fire! Their answer: it’s relatable for all readers!) (NY Times, reg. required) (Salon)

We’ve seen a lot of media coverage for a study suggesting Millennials really are a self-centered, entitled generation (focused on money and ignoring social good. But this doesn’t sound like the Millennials we know, whose actual behavior — as opposed to attitudes — reflects high rates of voting, volunteering, and community engagement) (USA Today) (HyperVocal)

Although it’s been an extremely difficult job market for Millennials (it appears that the market is recovering, with employers planning to hire nearly 10% more grads this year than last. Hooray for more openings! But with lots of competition, collegians are beginning their job search earlier and earlier) (LA Times)

In an effort to engage millions of people with an incurable case of Bieber Fever (Justin is letting fans choose the cover art for his anticipated new album out next week. They’ll decide via a tweet battle, which makes sense coming from the star who got his start on social media!) (THR)