Tech Start-Up Millennial AmbassadorsBrands have retained college students as brand ambassadors for years now, and Silicon Valley (is finally catching on to this wealth of low-cost talent, enlisting students to spread their URLs and logos around universities and turn up the volume on what it means to be a brand ambassador. Students don’t get paid for all the work they put in — instead they get titles like “Campus CEO” and “Director of Social Media” that they can use to pad their resumes and getting a little “cred” for working with a start up. Between Millennials’ love of social sharing and their passion for discovering the latest technology, we suspect recruiting isn’t very difficult) (WSJ, reg required)

It’s official; ‘The Hunger Games’ is a success, particularly with Millennials (who not only launched the book onto bestseller lists, but propelled the film to one of the biggest box office openings in history. Here’s a look at a few reasons why the story resonates with this generation) (MTV)

The rumor is finally reality as Instagram launched today for Android devices (ending years of exclusivity on iPhones. We suspect other Millennials were as excited as those in our office who instantly downloaded the app and started snapping pictures) (Hypebeast)

iPhones and iPads have been on kids’ wish lists (since they first debuted. The number of kids who have one or both devices is steadily growing, and many of those who don’t have one want one. And with Apple continuing to manufacture the iPad 2 at a slightly discounted cost and older models of iPhones still available, parents can finally afford to give their kids what they want) (AllThingsD)

Paramount joins several other major movie studios in making its films available for rental (via YouTube and Google Play. Now with nearly all major studios on board, will Google be able to compete with iTunes? Speaking of streaming rentals, Amazon is making its Amazon Instant Video service available via PlayStation 3 to keep in step with rival Netflix) (Mashable) (Bloomberg)

Simon & Schuster is getting set to publish two new books based on (CBS’s “CSI.” The show may not be very appropriate for children, but it’s captured their imaginations with some even declaring they want to be a CSI when they grow up. Of course, with titles like “The Case Of The Mystery Meat Loaf” and “The Case Of The Missing Moola” the books will be much more middle-grade appropriate than the show…and might even get boys interested in the books) (Kidscreen)

Snooki is embracing motherhood with her first baby brand extension (for her Snooki’s Slippers line. The baby bootie line launches this fall, timed perfectly around Snooki’s due date) (Forbes)

We’re pretty sure that Millennials would love to win the lottery and become instantly rich (but so far, most state lotteries haven’t targeted Millennial customers…until now. Illinois is adding online ticket sales to lure younger players into the game, rather than continuing to rely on older, habitual ticket buyers. Several other states are keeping an eye on how things go to potentially offer online tickets for their lotteries) (AdWeek)