SXSW 2012SXSW has just kicked off and we’re already hearing some interesting tech and culture news (coming out of Austin, including the eminent launch of an Instagram app for Android. Finally! Rumor is, it’s even better than the iPhone version…who’s jealous now?! Book publishers were also on hand for the Interactive conference, discussing the future of e-reading. Publishers need to adjust to the low price that young readers are willing to pay, but on the bright side, Millennials love to tell their friends about what they’re into, including books) (The Verge) (Publishers Weekly)

The new iPad has only been on sale for a matter of days, but Apple just announced (that preorders have already sold out. If you really want one on March 16th and didn’t get your preorder in, get ready to stand in the infamous lines that flank Apple stores on product release days) (NY Post)

School have long banned YouTube in the classroom (because of the racy content found not only in the videos, but also in the comments. But YouTube for Schools, a program in which teachers and administrators pick and choose the videos and educational resources to which students will have access, is finally taking off) (NY Times, reg required)

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from Disney’s upfront presentation (being held tomorrow, including a few new shows that seem to be taking the network in a different direction — to us, they almost seem like parodies of typical Disney animation shows, which makes us far more excited to see “Gravity Falls” and “Wander Over Yonder” when they debut this summer) (LA Times)

The trailer for ‘On The Road,’ the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic Beat Generation novel (came out this weekend, and it’s clear that Kristen Stewart has left behind Bella Swan. The edgy film — with equally intriguing performances from Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley — is just the thing to keep Millennials feeling the 1960s vibe revived by “Mad Men”) (MTV)

And for a little fun to kick off the week, here’s an infographic that envisions social media (as a high school and the roles that each network would play based on their user base. Speaking of social media, here’s an interesting take on Pinterest as the Home Ec class of the Millennial generation, which wants to return to simpler times of handmade goods and old world skills, but isn’t sure how to follow in the footsteps of their grandparents) ( (PR Daily)

If you still need proof that teens and tweens are screaming for (boy bands, One Direction’s performance on “The Today Show” has you covered with footage of brace-faced fans singing along with every word) (Popdust)