No need to follow internet and news personalities on twitter, you can now subscribe to these people on Facebook. Regardless of whether you’re friends, Facebook has launched a new subscribe button that lets you follow others’ public updates. This is another step on Zuckerberg‘s part to give Facebook users more control over their accounts and news feeds.

Beginning today, users will see a “Subscribe” button next to “Message” and “Poke.” A very obscure language we’re documenting here, folks. Said “Subscribe” button allows you to follow content without reaching out with a friend request. Very similar to Twitter. You will still be able to fine tune what posts/updates/tags etc show up in your news feed.

It’s important to note that the Subscribe feature is optional. You can turn it off on your own profile if you want no subscribers. Your profile will showcase how many people are subscribing to your posts and those you are subscribing to. I think this feature will be beneficial for businesses and those who benefit from gaining a larger audience. I am finding a pattern of Facebook sparring with other social media sites. This could spur more public sharing or create even more controversy over privacy concerns.