hurricane sandy staten islandHurricane Sandy was one of the worst hurricanes in my life time. It not only devastated portions of the Caribbean but the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeastern United States. Now, it’s one thing to watch the news and see the devastation. But it’s another situation to be witness to the devastation. My family and neighbors were spared any damage to life and property. But many on Staten Island were not so lucky.

The devastation along Midland Beach (Staten Island) is, in many cases — total. Homes, cars, boats, businesses and lives were literally destroyed.

“Thousands of people have been impacted here, not just people who were evacuated but people with damage, who lost electricity and their food supply, as well as people who have not worked in two weeks. We’re trying to be methodical about a sustained recovery plan, where we’re able to reach people in the greatest need,” said the Rev. Terry Troia, founder of Project Hospitality.

It’s been over two weeks and Staten Island is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. In many instances Staten Island is the “forgotten borough.” But support has been steady from various organizations and individuals. Even President Obama paid Staten Island a visit. The President promised that the federal government will do everything in its power to rebuild Staten Island. We also find support from the Red Cross, the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert, individuals and companies like both AT&T and Verizon.

Mobile communications, specifically our cell phones are an indispensable tool. But without power cell phones are rather useless.

Verizon provided a solution for many on Staten Island by setting up a mobile command center — which is a cell-on-wheels. While in the command center Staten Islanders can charge their devices and communicate with family, friends, FEHMA and insurance companies. Which are all critical in this time of need.

As a Staten Islander I truly appreciate the support of these organizations.