A few weeks ago at MobiBizTO hosted by Shane Schick of IT World Canada, Sara Diamond, a mobile media researcher and President of OCAD University in Toronto said that she believed augmented reality was on the verge of taking off in the coming months and years.

Augmented reality is 3D that is viewable without having to wear those glasses they give out at movie theatres across the country, as I explain in depth here with various examples.

At Mobile Monday Toronto in April, I asked RIM if they had any plans for 3D and augmented reality considering the partnership between Apple and Layar, the world’s first augmented reality browser.

Tyler Lessard’s response was that Blackberry hadn’t done anything, but were perhaps open to any partnerships that may arise in the future. We can safely assume that since RIM is partnered with Android that this is quite possible on the QNX Blackberry PlayBook.

B.TWEEN3D, Streamed Around The World

Now that we are several months removed from Layar partnering with both Apple and Android, and the realization that augmented reality adds another dimension to smartphones and tablets, there will be a worldwide one-day forum called B.TWEEN3D on the wide-ranging world of 3D.

On July 21st, thought leaders from various different industries will gather in London, England for a discussion on the future of 3D in an interactive forum. Sony is supporting the entire event.

Ed Donald, the General Manager of Brand Initiatives, Content & Synergies for Sony Europe says: “Sony has been involved with the development of 3D since its beginning, and we’re delighted that it’s now so front of mind across the world. B.TWEEN3D will showcase some frankly unbelievable technology; angels that fall from the screen and stand beside you, machines that replicate their own parts, clothes custom-made to your exact body shape and size, lenses that allow you to see layers over reality. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this revolution and are excited about the opportunity to share our thinking and learn from such brilliant minds”.

There’s already some great content on the B.TWEEN3D website to check out for your reading pleasure, and yes, the conference will be live-streamed, so be sure to find out all that information on the website by Kate Russell of the BBC’s Click Show.

B.TWEEN3D also announced that audiovisual pioneer Stuart Warren Hill will be presenting a live synesthetic holographic performance.

There will be showcase installations of augmented reality in public areas, sensory triggers and QR Codes to explore films and archive material in the Britain Film Institute’s foyer, and an artificial intelligence welcome desk will be there to greet you.

Some of the best thought leaders are from games, advertising, TV film, science and education, where they will imagine a future of 3D, where virtual spills from the screen onto the streets.

It’s just a wonder if anyone at RIM will bat an eye, considering the latest released by BGR showcasing top executives lambasting management.

Author: Dan Verhaeghe is the Marketing Specialist and New Media Expert at McLoughlin Promotions. He can be followed @mcloughlinpromo, emailed at [email protected] or called at 905-238-8973 ext. 233.