Social Responsibility and Your Prescription Drug Costs

While stopped in traffic during my morning commute, I was handed a flyer from a man walking car-to-car on a heavily congested road. The flyer, composed by Philadelphia Union workers, leads off with the statement, “We are shareholders of CVS and We Can’t Get a Job! Local Union Benefit Funds have spent $49.9 million dollars on prescriptions with CVS in the last year!  We support them!  Why don’t they support US?”. The protest is a result of CVS Caremark’s hiring of subcontractors rather than local American Union Workers to fulfill their construction needs.  Largely printed in the middle of the flyer it reflects, “Doesn’t – Care, Doesn’t – Value, Doesn’t – Service”

CVS Caremark defines themselves as an integrated provider of prescriptions and related services.  They are also a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), which is a third party administrator of prescription drug claims.  The CVS Caremark 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report includes an important part of the CVS Caremark culture is; giving back to the community.  Many local union workers argue that hiring subcontractors over union workers hurts the American community and is destructive to wage standards for Union Workers. It is often argued that the most socially responsible action for any American company would be to hire American Union Workers rather than subcontractors to fulfill construction needs.

Pharmacy Benefits Managers negatively affect hard-working Americans in other ways as well.  Pharmacies, under contracts with PBMs, are often required to charge consumers their prescription co-pays even if the actual retail price is less than their co-pay.  Over 210 million Americans receive drug benefits through their employer and often fall victim to this practice without ever knowing. Fortunately for all American consumers one company is a step ahead.

RxCut® Plus, the Equalizer in healthcare, guarantees that card users are receiving the absolute lowest possible price  on their prescription drugs; whether it’s the insurance copay, the pharmacy retail price, or the RxCut® price, card users will always pay the lowest price.   

RxCut® Plus is beneficial to all including; the insured with generic co-pays of $10 or higher, uninsured, underinsured, those with high deductibles and those who fall in the Medicare donut hole.  The RxCut® price on 21 of the 25 most frequently processed generic drugs, for card users, has been less than an insurance co-pay of $10 or more.   RxCut® Plus, the Equalizer in healthcare, was designed specifically to combat this practice.  Don’t pay more than you have to ever again.  Register your free RxCut® Plus card with your Pharmacist and start paying less by asking, ‘What’s my RxCut® Price?’.

The RxCut® Plus healthcare discount card offers discounts of up to 75 percent on prescription drugs and up to 50 percent on labs and imaging services.  There is absolutely no cost, enrollment or activation to use the card.  The card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies across the US and Puerto Rico including all major chains and most independent pharmacies.