uberVU Social Media Face Off - Jack Daniels vs. Jim Beam

With some many options for consumers to choose from, the food and beverage industry has always been incredibly competitive. But at the moment, the competition is heating up specifically in the spirits sector between whiskey producers like Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam. Over the last few months there has been a soar in popularity of whiskey—so much so that a shortage is feared by distillers and consumers alike. We could compare industry leaders Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam on taste, quality or how the brands are faring with production, but as a social media analytics platform, the uberVU via Hootsuite team is much more interested in which brand is meeting the demands of social. Which is why we’ve set Jack Daniel’s against Jim Beam in this week’s Social Media Face Off.

In order to compare the brands in social media, we set up search streams for each in the uberVU via Hootsuite platform, making sure to include variations in spelling (i.e. “jack daniels”, “jack daniel’s”). We also included the brands’ Twitter handles (“@jimbeam” and “@jackdaniels_us” as well as popular references to drinks made with the brands (“jim and coke” and “jack and coke”). We’ve compared the results from a two-week window (July 20 to August 3) to determine our winner.

Round One: Mentions

Mentions show the size of a social conversation around a specific search term or phrase. Mentions are simply the number of times the term you’re tracking was used across social media, helping you understand just how much (or little) attention the subject is receiving.

Jack Daniel’s takes the lead in round one with 62,247 mentions, easily topping the 14,247 mentions of rival Jim Beam. That’s more than four times as many mentions!

Jack Daniel

Winner: Jack Daniel’s

Round Two: Sentiment

Sentiment refers to the emotion behind a social media mention. It’s a way to measure the tone of a conversation without having to dive into individual mentions. Sentiment adds important context to social conversations—without it, measurement of mentions alone could be misleading.

Jack Daniel’s took the lead in mentions and it takes the edge in positivity as well. 29% of the brand’s mentions registered as positive. This edges out Jim Beam, which posted a 24% positivity score. Jim Beam did has less negativity—5% compared to the 9% posted by Jack Daniel’s—but when it comes to social sentiment, positivity trumps all.

Jack Daniel

Jim Beam - uberVU Sentiment

Winner: Jack Daniel’s

Round Three: Conversation Mapping

The conversation maps in the uberVU via Hootsuite platform display the most-talked about topics in relation to a specific keyword or phrase, giving you an inside look into the social conversations that are evolving around a specific topic in real time. In this round, we’ll compare conversations maps for Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam to find out what exactly people are talking about in relation to each brand.

Both brands rank for words one might expect for liquor brands with “whiskey”, “drink” and “bottle” all appearing. People love to share what they’re eating or drinking or want to be eating or drinking in social media so it’s no surprise people are talking about the whiskey they’ll be drinking later with “tonight” and “night” ranking on both maps.

The majority of the topics on Jim Beam’s map come from an open Facebook group called “We Came, We saw, Got Drunk!!!”, where people compete in drinking games. “Rivals”, “was just iced by” and “body count” all come from heated discussions in the group about who is beating who when it comes to drinking Jim Beam. Another interesting topic is “White Oak,”, which is the number one topic on the map. We did some digging into the mentions and found that one overzealous tweeter is selling a handmade pen made with White Oak from the Jim Beam Distillery. The producer claims the pen comes with the smell of Kentucky Bourbon and is selling it on Etsy for $59.95—perhaps the reason for all the tweets (that’s one expensive pen!). Not necessarily bad news for Jim Beam, but another topic on the map sure is—“Jack” accounts for 5% of the conversation.

Jim Beam - uberVU conversation map

Jack Daniel’s see a bit more brand recognition and social craving on its map with “Honey” (a Jack Daniel’s product), “cold jack” and “cold jack daniels” appearing. The brand also sees a pop culture reference with “We’re just hanging around” and “burnin’ it down”—both lyrics from a Jason Aldean song where he sings about sipping on Jack Daniel’s. Cravings and brand recognition are great news for this brand, but what’s an more impressive word to have rank? “Love.”

Jack Daniel

Winner: Jack Daniel’s

Overall Winner: Jack Daniel’s

With wins in mentions, sentiment and conversation mapping it’s a clean sweep for Jack Daniel’s. When it comes to social media, this whiskey brand is clearly meeting demands.