SnookiSnooki’s got game. Literally. (The “Jersey Shore” star is releasing a collection of eight apps for iPhone, Android, Facebook, and Google+ over the next two years as part of a partnership with App Genius. There hasn’t been any word on what the apps will be, except that some will be games. Speaking of apps, now you can dress like your favorite characters from “Sons Of Anarchy” thanks to a new SOA Gear app for iPhone. We wonder how long it will take other shows to get into the retail business. Our research shows that 42% of students have sought out an item they saw a character wearing in a TV show or film, so sales could be quite good) (International Business Times) (Yahoo!)

We aren’t surprised by a new UN report that youth unemployment (has risen to a massive 12.7% — that’s 75 million people aged 15-24 who don’t have jobs. It’s no wonder students are eschewing a materialistic lifestyle in favor of finding happiness in other things, like friends) (Portfolio)

Chobani Champions is the first Greek yogurt for kids (and comes with a unique tie in challenging children to be champions. Chobani is simultaneously introducing an augmented reality app called Champify that is triggered by an image under the yogurt’s cover. The app includes AR games and activities that encourage kids to be active and be kind to others, earning trophies along the way. Btw, even though we’re not kids anymore, we can’t wait to get our hands on the Honey-nana flavored variety of Chobani Champions. Yum!) (PSFK)

We’ll click the “like” button for Facebook’s support of Spirit Day today (by encouraging employees to turn their profile photos purple. Spirit Day is an initiative to support LGBT youth and to fight against bullying and digital abuse) (Mashable)

Can’t attend Teen Vogue‘s Fashion U in person this year? (For the first time, the magazine is streaming the seminars online for a fee of $34.95. We bet a bunch of budding fashionistas will be ecstatic to have access to presentations from the likes of Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler) (NY Mag)

Even the Obamas have rules for their children (about how much TV and Internet time they have during the week. When Sasha and Malia watch TV, the First Parents aren’t crazy about the Kardashians, but don’t forbid the girls to watch “if they’re learning the right lessons”) (CNN)

One of the hottest holiday items this season might be (the collectible Disney Princess dolls…if you can find one. The dolls are selling out so quickly that dolls shoppers crashed the Disney Store website, which resulted in a lot of unhappy consumers. In other collectible doll news, we knew it wouldn’t take long for conservative parents to freak out about the new tattooed Barbie. But as Jezebel very wisely puts it, the pricey collector’s item isn’t quite intended for kids, and even if it were, Barbie’s fashion choices don’t reflect her moral character) (Bloomberg)