It’s a big problem. Literally. Obesity-related health problems kill more than 25,000 people each year in the United States. Obesity’s extra baggage strains the human body beyond the limits of good health, oftentimes resulting in any number of life threatening conditions like stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even certain cancers. Here, in the nation’s ranking third fattest city, the issue’s gravity is readily apparent.

This year San Antonio Sports continues to battle obesity in San Antonio with its Fit Family Challenge health program guided by the publicity and planning assistance of esd & associates, the city’s leading digital creative agency.

Already a health-oriented organizationesd & associates has enthusiastically taken on the challenges of the Fit Family Challenge. esd has lead program efforts, coordinating large monthly fitness events such as the upcoming Fit Family Challenge & Bexar County Health Collaborative Fit Fest, managing the program’s social media, scheduling media appearances by San Antonio Sports and program families and building and maintaining both the program’s website and its mobile website.

The mobile site in particular has been a huge boast to the free community program, allowing families to track their fitness and nutritional progress at the gym, outdoors or from their favorite local eatery. Few other no-cost health initiatives have implemented such technically savvy and openly available program tools for participants.

“Our focus group families from last year’s Challenge showed so much progress that we couldn’t wait to find out what would happen this year,” explains esd & associates Public Relations and Social Media Director Gina Galaviz. “So far this year has surprised all of us with even more amazing results. We have had hundreds of families attend our events so far and our mobile and traditional online journal tracking shows that there are more than 1,100 family’s currently participating – that’s 50% more participants than last year and we still are only halfway through the summer.”

The Challenge’s worthwhile cause and large community buzz has already attracted the attention of some of San Antonio’s leading charitable benefactors. This year Dr. George and Kymberly Rapier of Kym’s Kids and the Blake, Kymberly & George Rapier Charitable Trustjumped on board, signing over a $50,000 check in support of the program.

“We are so grateful to all of our program sponsors for their support and generosity. Health is so important and it’s such a great cause. Already this program has made a difference in the lives of several San Antonio families. We are well on our way out of the fattest city in America listing. The Challenge is a key step in transforming San Antonio into a community of health and wellness.”

About the Fit Family Challenge: Currently in its second successful year, the Fit Family Challenge began in late April and will finish up its 2011 year on August 13, 2011 with a Finale Bash, in downtown Hemisphere Park. Participants are encouraged to track their fitness activities and healthy eating habits online at or in their very own Fit Family Challenge Training Journalavailable in the May 7 and July 10 Sunday edition of The San Antonio Express-News. Participating families who attend at least three Fit Family Challenge events and fulfill the Fit Family Challenge required fitness and nutrition goals automatically receive the chance to win a number of prizes, including a family Spectrum Athletic Club membership, the $3,000 cash grand prize and more. For full details please visit or call (210)-348-8008.