Looking back on our childhood…there was a time when the “threat landscape” was much simpler. When every activity or game was hide and seek. Our top priorities were to keep from catching cooties and to protect our treasures (whether it was our stamp/sticker/trading card collections or our candy stash). We all had a tree fort, hiding spot or safe area to play in and let our imagination run wild. Any intrusion whether it was from mom, dad, sister or brother, was seen as a threat to exfiltrate said treasures and warranted a full on battle. When I was younger, my protective artillery included water balloons, NERF guns, inflatable hammers and slingshots, to name a few. In my fantasies, I was MacGyver-esque. I was ready to protect myself and defend the perimeter with whatever was lying around if necessary but intent on implementing my strategic defenses (which I would conjure up over hours of daydreaming). My child-like mind was always on the lookout, alert and ready for what might be coming. Preparation was essential for disarming any unforeseen attackers!

Those were the good ol’ days…

While today’s threats have become increasingly more complex, our defenses have also become more advanced. Ingrained at an early age, you and I both knew the importance of protecting what’s personal to us. Whether it’s a fort, a teddy bear or our social security number, we must still do what we can to stay on the offense, be aware of our surroundings, remain ready to take action and block intruders from entering and taking what’s ours!

Even though the type of threats have changed over the years, the need to protect what’s private, personal and ours has not.

This video reminds us of a time when our protective instinct was augmented by our childish imaginations. What we protect and how we do it has evolved, but the desire to do so is inherent.