Competing with the iPhone in the smartphones market, and now with the world through a Guinness Record, Samsung has launched the ‘Samsung Galaxy Note II Incredible Art Piece’, an endeavour to create a digital art piece that will break the Guinness World Records title for the most artists working on the same art installation. The current world record set in April this year has 2,01,948 contributions and Samsung’s ‘Incredible art-piece’ has managed to garner 40, 343 artists so far.

And what is in it for the contributing artists? Well, the best artist wins a Galaxy Note II every week and 100 invites win you personalized merchandise. There are multiple options through which you can participate: The Facebook app ‘Incredible Art Piece’ on the Samsung Mobile India Facebook page, the specially created microsite or at a select retail mall given at the microsite. There is also a scan and email option form at the site.

About the Incredible Art Piece Facebook app


The Facebook app and the microsite have a similar design interface, except that in Facebook, you have to ‘like’ the page in order to be able to proceed. Read about the initiative and the T&Cs below, following which I liked the page and clicked the ‘proceed’ button. The app begins with taking user permissions and now displays the ‘contribute’ button.

Once you click contribute, you are welcomed with the given screen shot – an array of colourful pixels that when you hover upon, give the name and title of the contributing artist and his art piece. You can click on any of the little square pixel to see the art piece in a pop-up window.

To contribute, click on start and register with your name, email and mobile number.

Once registered, a drawing board with tools is displayed along with a demo video that shows you how to use the various tools and create your artwork. You have the usual tools available in a basic paintbox software like pencil, brush, custom shapes, themes, fonts, fill colour and stroke colour. You can play around by scaling, rotating objects and also by using the zoom in and zoom out options, you can make intricate details in your artwork. You can undo, redo, reset or delete a particular object or action too.

Click submit when you are done and there you go – you are a certified contributor in a Guinness World Record attempt for the most artists working on the same art installation!

You can contribute again, share it on your wall or download your certificate. In addition, you can also get your contribution in a personalised merchandise form if you can get 100 friends to contribute. The app has a provision to search for your friends through email.

How cool is the Incredible Art Piece?

For a smartphone that is positioned as ‘Incredibly creative’, this is an awesome campaign that aligns with the brand message and product positioning. The Incredible art piece is a cool promotion for the Samsung Galaxy Note II placing its creativity as the differentiation factor. Moreover, in addition to the prize being the product itself, contributors have the added incentive of participating in a once-in-a-lifetime Guinness World Record attempt!

The app scores well both in design and execution. Moreover, it was informative and had a clean intuitive interface. The app worked like a dream and provided for smooth navigation too. The added features of Invite and Share would help in increased visibility. However, the one thing that stands out for me is the multiple ways to contribute, as this would ensure more people can contribute to the Guinness Record attempt.

Thanks to The Incredible Art Piece, I can happily flaunt my certificate as a Guinness World Record contributor. Have you contributed yet?