Today we turn the spotlight to ROBLOX, which has become the second most popular kids entertainment site, behind Nickelodeon as ranked by comSCORE in May of 2011. ROBLOW was just founded five years ago by CEO Dave Baszucki, and now boasts 6.8 million unique visitors and 942 million page views per month.

The entertainment site is unique in the sense that kids are the creators of the game and learn programming skills that can help them propel future careers.

The mom of Cameron, an 11 year old boy, who attended the event at San Francisco’s Exploratorium on August 1st says: “ROBLOX offers a positive alternative to video games because it allows Cameron to express his creativity and learn about the technical side of the game.”

Not only can children play the massively popular multi-player 3D games, they can also create their own custom games.

ROBLOX promotes that entrepreneurial spirit- one that allows kids to become merchants of virtual goods, learn marketing skills to advertise the games they’ve built, and work in teams with their friends and colleagues.

Here’s a video of the event:

The players of ROBLOX could very well end up being entrepreneurs later in life, fostering innovation across a wide variety of career fields.

As is with any semi-popular online community, eventually members that met online want to meet in real-life, and that’s exactly what the ROBLOX Rally achieved in San Francisco. They brought players from around the world together.

The organizers were only anticipating 250-300 people to attend, but quickly sold 1,000 tickets in the first two weeks of sales- certainly proving the popularity of the number two ranked gaming site.

The game’s so popular that kids around the world created a staggering ten million games last year alone.

Well, when it comes to your kids, it would seem that it’s less about the fact that your kids are playing games, but what games they play, for some certainly have more benefits than others education wise!

Author: Dan Verhaeghe is the Marketing Specialist and New Media Expert at McLoughlin Promotions. He can be followed @mcloughlinpromo or e-mailed at [email protected]