Dangerous Products that Have Recently Been Recalled

Millions of products are put on the shelves of stores for consumers to purchase each year. From basic necessities, like food and clothes, to luxury goods, like children’s toys and beauty products, people buy these products daily. Most consumers don’t consider whether or not the products they buy are safe for them to use as they trust that manufacturers and designers will act responsibly and only place products on the market that will not harm those who buy them.

In order to ensure the safety of consumers, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tests and evaluates the safety of over 15,000 consumer products. When they find a product that could endanger the well-being or life of a user, they will likely issue a recall on that product in order to protect consumers. As a result, numerous products are recalled each year by the CPSC. Some recent recalls have included:

  • Captain Cutlass Toy Pirate Pistols – these toy guns, made by Ko Lik Manufacturing Ltd in Hong Kong and imported by Dillon Importing Co. in Oklahoma, were sold for the past four years, but have recently been discovered to contain excessively high levels of lead. This is particularly dangerous to the children who play with these toys as they may develop lead paint poisoning, an especially dangerous health complication for young children.
  • Kinesis Bicycles – certain models of these bicycles, which were distributed by Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., pose a falling danger due to the possibility of the front fork breaking. In fact, there have already been reports of facial lacerations, fractures, and other injuries resulting from this defect.
  • Cyclone Swing Seats – these swing seats, produced by the company YCH Industries Corp., have a risk of breaking, causing the user to fall and potentially suffer injury as a result. Not all of the swings made by this company are included in the recall, however. Only models with the codes “2012 5 18” through “2012 6 25” have been found to be dangerous and are being recalled by the CPSC.
  • Cabot Stains Wood Cleaner and Wood Brightener – this household cleaning item, sold between March 2011 and June 2012, poses a risk to consumers as the spray pump may lose its seal, causing the bottle to leak and resulting in burns or other injuries. This could be particularly dangerous when the chemicals come into contact with a person’s skin or if the product is accidentally ingested. Thousands of these products have since been recalled.

Having a product recalled is both harmful for the companies it affects, as it represents a huge loss of revenue, and the consumers who are affected by the defective products. If a consumer has suffered injuries or health problems as a result of using a defective or dangerous product, they may choose to hire a personal injury lawyer and file a claim against the company who distributed or produced the product. In such a situation, the victim may be awarded large sums of money to be paid by the responsible company in order to compensate them for the losses they’ve sustained as a result of using the product. Thus, it is important that companies do their utmost to ensure the safety and proper-functioning of their products, so they can protect both their livelihood and the safety of all consumers.