Note to all marketers– never launch a product in the tenth paragraph of an apology for miscellaneous poor communication. This advice goes out in particular to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who dropped the Qwikster bomb late Sunday. Qwikster is the new name for Netflix’s DVD-by-mail-service and man oh man was there an immediate negative response.

Almost 10,000 comments had been left on Hasting’s blog entry by noon today. One former Coca-Cola employee compared the launch to that of New Coke in 1985.

“Hubris has brought down many a company,” she added. “You are going to lose thousands more members, including myself.” Me too, ma’am, me too.

It’s no surprise that Netflix aims to migrate away from the original DVD model. Its goal is internet streaming, something Hastings has pioneered for years, even bringing formerly impossible rival Blockbuster down. However there’s successful marketing (clear, concise, accessible, entertaining) and then there’s the method where you lose a bunch of your customers by being inanely confusing.

Mashable found several reasons why Quikster may be the worst idea ever. The largest? The name. No, it’s still not cool to misspell words.  Several rappers should probably be informed of this. I can already see the surge of Google searches for Quickster and Qwickster. Another is its lack of necessity. Add a new product and keep it under the Netflix name. Loyalty will remain if a successful product remains under an already successful entity.

The one really comical aspect of this? Whoever is in charge of Qwikster’s social media. Unfortunately the Twitter handle is already registered…to a rather foul mouthed marijuana enthusiast. Mr. Hastings…back to the drawing board with you!