Since it is Election Day I thought it would be interesting to showcase how some well-known consumer brands have capitalized on one of the tightest presidential elections in our nation’s history.

Here are some of my favorites:

Spirit Halloween promoted the sale of Romney and Obama Halloween masks. The company said they have successfully predicted the past few elections based on total sales of each candidate’s mask. Of course, those sales will likely never surpass the Richard Nixon Mask, which according to various sources, has been a leading seller for years.

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven created the “7-Election” campaign where coffee drinkers can choose between a red cup and a blue cup. In the last three elections the cup sales have closely mirrored the final results. One 7-Eleven executive said that the campaign provokes conversation about the election but at the end of the day it is really just something fun for their customers.Fitz Root Beer unveiled campaign bottle Root Beer that features either President Obama or Governor Romney. They post sales results regularly on their Facebook page. Fitz president Michael Alter said, “Root Beer is an all-American beverage, so it just makes sense to use it to promote the election and use sales of Romney and Obama bottles to gauge the vote.”seller for years.

Want to win a free flight? JetBlue was hoping to create some hype as the company promoted a free round-trip plane ticket to 1,006 international travelers in 2013 if their candidate didn’t win. The airline drove traffic to dedicated web site for the voting (sorry, it closed yesterday if you were interested).

What have been some of your favorite election marketing campaigns?

You have a few hours left, be sure you go out and vote!