Watch out Facebook and Twitter! Pinterest has quickly become the third most popular social network in the U.S. (winning over females who seek to share and receive inspiration. Fashion, food, and décor are all top categories on the site, but crafts are what users “pin” and “repin” the most as as Millennials embody the DIY attitude and want to share their creations with others online. Moreover, with the site’s positive purpose, it’s no surprise that it’s gained so much attention. But will BO.LT become the new Pinterest? The bookmarking site saves and shares web pages in a visual format forever, even when a web page is taken down) (Social Times) (Mashable)

We’re glad that the movie ‘Bully’ has finally received a PG-13 rating (making it much easier for teens — the ones who need to see it most — to watch the film in theaters or at school. Unfortunately The Weinstein Company had to remove offensive language to get this rating, which takes away from the reality of bullying, but at least the movie will be more accessible with a re-release next week. Speaking of “Bully,” check out DoSomething’s creative new campaign tied to the movie if you haven’t already. In other film news, Millennial movies are taking over the box office this weekend including “American Reunion” and “Titanic 3D” which should excite those with 90s nostalgia!) (Deadline) (EW)

Given how tough the job market is, we’re not surprised that a quarter of 18-34 year olds have moved back home in recent years (and that a whopping 40% of 18-34 year olds currently live with their parents. But being at home sweet home has its advantages — a quarter feel it has positively affected their relationship with their parents while half feel it hasn’t made a difference, and more than half of 18-24 year olds are still largely linked to their parents financially) (Pew)

Nail art is nothing new among Millennials (but like us, The NY Times has noticed that nails are no longer an afterthought in fashion. Rather, they’ve become an essential everyday accessory much like a bag or basic makeup. Everyone has their hand in nail design these days with cool colors, innovations, and celebrity tie-ins, which makes sense as nails are a way for people to express themselves without doing anything too drastic.

Speaking of style, fashion and music have always been closely connected (but combining the two is even more crucial these days in order for fashion companies to understand and appeal to Millennials. Musicians are appearing in campaigns, and reflecting the identity of brands and the lifestyle they represent in more meaningful ways. Even luxury brands are taking note to make their marketing more social) (Stylelist) (WWD)

Pepsi has certainly brought its marketing campaign to the next level in promoting its PepsiNext drink. The beverage brand has teamed up with Funny or Die (to host an online taste test starring its fans. People can sign up to “taste” the drink on PepsiNext’s Facebook page and Funny or Die comics will select users and search through their profiles to try and understand their personality. The comedians will then impersonate each participant in a video of them “taste testing” the product, which they’ll post back on the users’ wall and the brand page. Talk about some crazy marketing that combines personalization, humor, and even a little stalking) (MediaPost)

We have to agree with this adorable little girl who questions why marketing to kids is so gendered (and why girls are taught to buy pink and princess things while boys are taught to buy superhero toys. “Why can’t they get whatever they want?” as Riley astutely asks, reaffirming that today’s kids are extremely aware of marketing tactics, even at a young age) (PSFK)

And finally for a little Friday fun…(check out this video Red Bull made starring Mike Schneider — a professional fingerboarder. “He’s got his fingers on the pulse of innovation” as one of his fellow pro-skaters states in the video. We love this clever marketing move to show how connected Red Bull is with Millennials and to stay ahead of trends) (Hypebeast)