Electronic devices have always been allowed on planes, but for the 15 odd minutes during takeoff and landing passengers have had to turn them off. This rule may soon change, as an F.A.A advisory panel will meet this week to possibly change the rules on the use of electronic devices on airplanes.

The new rule could allow passengers to read e-books, watch videos and use video-game devices. However, the use of cellphones and Wi-Fi capabilities would still be banned. The advisory panel plans on recommending the new policy to the F.A.A and these changes could be adopted as early as next year.

The NY Times reports that although airlines and pilots have reported cases wherein electronic devices caused cockpit instruments to malfunction, the evidence is “largely anecdotal”. With the growth in consumer electronics, the F.A.A will soon have to begin testing the various devices for safety concerns. Safety advocates state that devices must not only be tested for interference with cockpit instruments, but also any bodily harm they could cause if a flight encounters turbulence.

The F.A.A requires airlines to conduct tests to prove that electronic devices are safe to use, but due to the large variety of electronics, airlines found it easier to simply ban all devices. However, the panel hopes to change this by presenting a new policy that would apply to all airlines and all types of airplanes, possibly reducing the stringent restrictions on all devices.