NBC is going to stream every single Olympic event live (and most events will also go into an online video archive. The Olympics are always popular programming for kids who love to cheer on their country and see the pageantry of the games, and for the first time, they’ll never have to miss an event because scheduled TV coverage conflicts with their bedtimes) (NYTimes, reg required)

The digital divide between Gen Y and older generations (is now about the size of the Grand Canyon. Enabled by technology, they’re adapting their habits to make the most of the devices they own — using their cell phones like swiss army knives for all their digital needs — and they don’t mind paying for electronic content) (MediaPost)

With all the social media options out there, it’s hard for brands to know (where and how to focus their energy. Here’s a guide for how brands can use Tumblr, a site that many a Millennial is obsessed with — check out #WhatShouldWeCallMe and MeanGirlsOfPanem to see why) (Ragan)

Just a month after ceasing print publication, Encyclopedia Britannica has been reincarnated (as an app for iPhone and iPad. While many features will be available for free — hoping to compete with Wikipedia — while full access will cost a nominal monthly fee. Speaking of apps, the wildly popular game Draw Something got an update to include chat, image capture, and sharing, which we can imagine will have players spending even more time with the game) (Telegraph) (Mashable)

Every kids’ property seems to need a video game tie-in — even if it’s for girls — and now we get Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure (an interactive game that will be released for Wii, Nintendo 3Ds, and PC/Mac this fall. Players take the role as an apprentice to the Fairy Godmother and use their magic wands to save Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and Tiana, and return each Princess World to it’s rightful state of “Happily Ever After”) (Cynopsis)

One of the biggest stories to come out of Coachella was that Tupac made an appearance (via hologram. The Interwebs is having a little fun with the idea, creating a lineup for the all-holographic version of the festival with Michael Jackson, The Clash, and Mozart headlining! Personally, we’re looking forward to Nirvana being back on tour) (Popdust) (MTV)