Some pranks can go overboard, like the tacks on the toilet.

Some people wait all year for April 1st to pull their best pranks on their friends, family members, and coworkers. But for those of us who run out of pranks by the time April Fool’s Day rolls around, there are some remarkable websites that offer creative suggestions. One of them, AprilFoolZone, gives users instructions on how to pull off various kinds of pranks—from “Trip and Slip” to “Toilet Trouble.” But this isn’t the only place where you can find crafty ways to dupe your friends. Whether you’re trying to pull one over on your brother or you want to rig a flawless practical joke in your college dorm, The Huffington Post’s HuffPost Comedy also offers a multitude of suggestions.

But is there a place where we need to draw the line? Just when do office pranks become excessive and bordering on unprofessional?

While some pranks can be good-natured, others can be interpreted as malicious or can stir up more trouble than you might intend. Some websites offer suggestions like asking your coworker a rumor, like “Is it true you’re getting a divorce?” or “I heard you’re getting fired!” In order for this prank to work, as many people as possible have to get involved and they have to ask the individual the same rumor. While, at face value, this may seem like a clever scheme, it could potentially cause a great deal of hurt and unwanted office drama.

Some pranks can be mildly irritating, but totally harmless. For instance, AprilFoolZone suggests a “vintage office prank” known as “Totally Labeled.” In this prank, you label every single item on your co-worker’s desk with a post-it note. Depending on your co-worker’s personality, this could a fun, good-natured prank.

All-in-all, there probably is no simple, clear-cut set of rules to follow when deciding which pranks to pull in your office without putting your job on the line. A good rule of thumb when determining the appropriateness of a prank is to consider the climate of your office. You should have a feel for it before you even consider getting into the April Fool’s spirit. Who’s working there, what are their personalities like, and what rules does your office have? That’s probably the most surefire way to avoid turning an innocent holiday tradition into a tidal wave of unwarranted trouble.

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