Brands are always on the lookout for bonding opportunities with the community and Diwali sets up the right ambience to build long lasting bonds. So, how could Cadbury Celebrations not touch our hearts this Diwali? Cadbury Celebrations, the brand that insists on sharing sweet moments with its sweet chocolates thrives on the many festivals that India celebrates. This Diwali, it has embarked on a rather emotional campaign where fans can gift a Diwali to their deserving friends anywhere in India, courtesy Cadbury Celebrations.

I heard about the campaign from the TVCs on air with the message ‘iss Diwali aap kise khush karenge?‘ It encouraged you to visit a Facebook app on its page to gift a Diwali to a friend and share your story as to why he deserves it. The app looked similar to what the brand had launched during RakshaBandhan festival, so I decided to dig in right away.

About Gift a Diwali Facebook app

You can send Diwali wishes to your loved ones anywhere in India after you ‘like’ the Facebook page. The specially designed app then invites you with a message. Upon ‘click here’, a Facebook app with a virtual map of India is unveiled with lit up cities against a dark background.


The wish counter on the left displays the number of wishes sent till date. When you click on the gift icon below the counter, a message pulls up asking you to share your story of who and why do you want to gift a Diwali to. You can select 5 of your Facebook friends from the pop up window and then write your own reason or choose from a list. Click submit to send your message.

To the left, you have ‘Send your wishes’ so you can send more wishes to your friends. Below that is ‘City of the day’ which lights up a city that has accounted for the most number of wishes on the previous day. ‘Search’ enables you to enter your Facebook name and know if there are Diwali gifts for you.

How cool is ‘Gift a Diwali’?

The concept is a cool one but similar to the RakshaBandhan celebrations app executed this July by Cadbury Celebrations. Fans could send messages to their brothers or sisters telling them how special they are and the particular city would light up on a virtual map of India. You had the total wishes and city of the day too but live festival wishes were also displayed on the right unlike the ‘Gift a Diwali’ app. Although a repeat idea, I like the campaign for its sheer brand connect to the one festival that is celebrated all over.

The campaign aligns with the objective and helps bring in the spirit of Diwali. Besides, it is good to see the app has been designed with brand colours and is quite simple and intuitive to understand. However, it is not clear to me how the brand will help gift a Diwali, the Terms & Conditions nor the introduction text on the Facebook update specify this.

Besides this, the brand had quite a few promotions running for Diwali. There is a contest where fans can upload their Diwali pictures from last year and win surprise gifts. People could create a video wish for their loved ones at the brand kiosks set up at a Mumbai mall. These videos would then be uploaded to YouTube to be shared with them. I’m sure these are part of an all-round marketing campaign with many more arms.

So, have you sent your Diwali wishes yet?