Rock out to Nickelodeon’s ‘How to Rock,’ (the latest tween TV show about music, growing up, and social pressures through a battle of the bands storyline. The sitcom, based on the book “How to Rock Braces and Glasses,” premieres tomorrow night and we think it sends a good message about being yourself and finding friends who accept you for who you are! In other entertainment news, the CW just ordered three pilots, one of which is a dystopian story based on a book series that sounds a lot like The Hunger Games if we do say so. However, they look promising with talented creators behind them including J.J. Abrams, “One Tree Hill’s” Mark Schwahn, and more. But we’re not so sure about ABC Family’s new shows, especially the reality program about nannies in Beverly Hills) (Just Jared) (Hollywood Reporter) (Broadcasting & Cable)

Considering how influential bloggers are (it’s no surprise that Tumblr wants to highlight users’ content, and will soon do so via an official Tumblr news site! A team of writers will cover the top news from the Tumblr world, making it easier for readers to discover the latest trends and key interests among the site’s bloggers. Think of it as a way to see what everyone on Tumblr is talking about — kind of like Twitter trending topics. In other social media news, check out this infographic that highlights how colleges and universities are using social media to enhance education and connect with students, as well as how they can improve their digital strategies) (NY Times, reg required) (Mashable)

Many Millennials are disheartened to discover that having a college degree (doesn’t mean they’ll get a job with an annual salary or benefits. Instead, in today’s tough job market, they’re lucky to be paid $10 an hour. Major companies are even laying off full-time employees to hire temporary or hourly workers. College students are struggling financially too and some are even making use of food-stamps if they work 20+ hours a week and meet the income limits) (Forbes) (Consumerist)

We can’t wait for the Superbowl this Sunday (mostly because we’re excited to see all the creative ads that engage viewers. Speaking of which, here are 5 lessons from Frito-Lay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ann Mukherjee, about how Doritos successfully employed participatory marketing and how other brands can too) (Fastcocreate)

It’s a little troubling to see that today’s teens can’t answer basic questions about American history, politics, and geography (which isn’t a good sign for the next generation of leaders. However, in other ways, Millennials have proven that they’re ready to lead. They unite with peers by sharing their thoughts and findings online, consult and value friends, family members, and strangers’ opinions, and more) (Huffington Post) (MediaPost)

Tween girls are a key consumer of make-up (and we’re not just talking about lip gloss. They’re an important market for beauty brands to tap into as they’re too young for their mom or sisters’ products but they want to experiment with style. Brands like the Material Girl beauty collection are just right for them — and their budgets. Drug stores and mass merchandisers are also taking notice, selling more beauty lines specifically for young girls. Heck, there are even salons and spas just for tweens!) (MSNBC)

Jeff Bethke, the 22-year-old spoken word artist who made a YouTube video titled “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” (has quickly garnered 17 million hits and thousands of comments — good and bad — as he presents a critical view on organized religion. His video differentiates between Jesus and the constructs of the church in an accessible manner, and as one person expressed in the comments, many Millennials presumably share his sentiment. What do you think of his rap?) (CBS) (Daily Beast)

Check out the most notable books of 2012 according to the ALSC (and start reading!)

And now for a little Friday fun… (you’ve probably seen the new trailer for “The Hunger Games” but what about for “The Hunger Pains?” The parody video has us LOLing as we wait for the real movie to come out. And we can’t forget the hilarious parody video of Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” expressed entirely through song. Trust us, you’ll be laughing too, even if you’re not a Twi-hard!) (Entertainment Weekly) (Teen)

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