When it comes to creating compelling blogs or websites, great images are mandatory. Thanks to a new plugin by GuteWolke, WordPress users can select, purchase and add iStockphoto images directly into posts or web pages without exiting the platform. The application pulls the tags from the actual blog post into iStock’s powerful search engine, which it uses to suggest appropriate images. The entire transaction can be completed in a matter of seconds.

The plugin was co-developed by Lee Torrens and Amos Struck and is available at http://www.microstockplugin.com/. Images purchased via the application enjoy the same affordable pricing and licensing as those purchased directly from the iStockphoto site and may be used and repurposed in the same way.

“The sheer number of professional bloggers using WordPress makes them an ideal partner for iStockphoto,” said Danny Martin, director of business development for iStockphoto. “This plugin gives bloggers around the world instant access to the highest quality collection of royalty-free stock images. We think that’s pretty great and expect bloggers will feel the same way.”

With a huge selection of low-cost, high-quality images, iStockphoto is extremely popular with professional bloggers. These bloggers also appreciate the peace-of-mind they get in knowing that all images are safe to use and copyright or other intellectual property issues will never be a concern. In addition, bloggers who use iStockphoto on their blog or website are eligible to become part of the iStockphoto referral program, which provides them with an additional source of revenue.

The Microstock Photo Plugin is compatible with WordPress version 3.0. Users of older versions of the Plugin will need to upgrade in order for the iStock component to appear.

Author: Lisa Miller