NDTV The social networkA few years back nobody was really bothered about the opinion of a common man. But today, you can say anything and there are thousands ready to spread it or debate with you. The common man is suddenly not a consumer anymore. He is the producer as well, thanks to social media. So what do the traditional content creators do? Adopt or get washed away!

NDTV India seems to understand this really fast. From today onwards, NDTV India is about to launch India’s first crowd sourced show – the “Social Network” sourced via the social media itself. So it is from the social media and for the social media believers.

The weekday show would be aired at 6:30 P.M. and would focus on a big discussion topic that trended all day on social media. To start with, the show today plans to source user views on the widely discussed topic of “IIT Placements – Fat Paychecks but at What Cost?” The news has been on social media all day after an IITian had been offered a Rs.80 lakh annual salary.

The show which is about social media has invited social media enthusiasts to be part of the discussions by sharing their thoughts. If you really want your voice to be heard then click here. Upload your video or pictures or video via Skype or you can leave comments to be considered by the show. In addition to this, the new Twitter account launched for this show is creating the required buzz, so follow it to get more updates.

I am excited by the way thoughts are being curated and I am sure we will get all the social media influencers basking in the limelight during this show. NDTV has made an early move and left no choice for competitors to follow it’s footsteps when today news is no more broken in news rooms but on Twitter and Facebook.