MTVIggyMillennials are global-minded citizens and love learning about other cultures (so we think it’s brilliant that MTV is making it easier for them to connect with the hottest music acts and pop culture trends from around the world. Millennials are clearly into international music, helping Sweeden’s Robyn, Korea’s Hyuna, and Venezuela’s La Vida Bohème climb the American charts) (Yahoo!)

Here’s a great infographic (about how Millennials use mobile. Some highlights: they have an average of 2.4 Internet-connected portable devices; 45% use mobile devices to research big-ticket items before buying; and 73% are comfortable using their mobile devices to make purchases. These habits and attitudes aren’t confined to the U.S., with 1.8 billion young people in 65 countries owning mobile devices, spending $400 billion annually via mobile) (Mashable) (MobileYouth)

The Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia center (draws teens from all over the city with the latest in digital technology. It’s not your typical quiet library room…it’s a place kids actually like to hang out. Libraries offering Internet was a step in the right digital direction, but YOUmedia takes the concept to a new level providing laptops, music keyboards, recording equipment, and gaming consoles. What more could a teen want? In fact, their attention is so fragmented these days thanks to digital and traditional media, that it’s hard to break through the clutter if you’re a marketer or advertiser. We like the advice to spread your message across multiple channels and platforms) (USA Today) (MediaPost)

Reality TV is creating mean girls (according to a new study from the Girl Scouts Research Institute. Girls who watch reality TV are more likely than those who don’t to say gossiping is a normal part of girls’ relationships, to believe girls’ have to compete for guys’ attention, and to put more value on physical appearance)

PBS launches 40 new games based on some of its most popular properties (including “Curious George” and “The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That.” The games, targeted to children ages 2 through 8, are accessible on computers, mobile devices, and interactive whiteboards) (PBS)

With services like Netflix and Hulu, it’s no surprise that DVD sales (are floundering. Apple hopes to be the latest competition to DVD sales, negotiating rights with movie companies to offer digital sales and storage via its iCloud service. The movie companies aren’t sitting idly by; they’re creating a separate service called UltraViolet that offers a digital edition of a film when the DVD is purchased. We don’t think that will sway Millennials, however, who don’t care about owning physical copies of media) (Forbes)

In these days of cyberbullying and online oversharing (there still remains an ongoing argument about whether students under age 13 should be allowed on Facebook. After all, many of them already are on the site, and allowing them to be there legally may result in the company updating its privacy policies for the better. What’s your take? Tell us in the comments) (NY Times)

Still haven’t decided on your halloween costume? (Here are a few ideas based on Internet memes that are sure to be hits among Millennials…) (SocialTimes)