Would you prefer 10 cards in your wallet for shopping or one card that takes care of all your shopping? Similarly wouldn’t you prefer a single ticket that could take care of all your parties. Or let’s say you enter one party and you get bored with the music. Definitely you would love to hop from one party to another. If this is what you had wished then MTV is launching “MTV Bloc Party”. A first time in India concept which comes from the west where bar hopping for beers and hopping parties is so common.((News Source))

MTV introduces the “MTV Bloc Party” in the party capital, Mumbai on January 18th and 19th 2013 which is 20 hours of incredible music and madness. The party is all set in the Juhu bloc and promises to bring the best in dance music from the globe. The party that will go on for 20 hours, has also made sure that there is an ample amount of buzz on social media.

MTV India MTV Bloc Party

Social media buzz:

The MTV Facebook fan page that has more than 3.8 million fans, has started promoting the Bloc Party on the page. Along with an attractive Facebook cover page, the page is sharing interesting content about the party and linking it up with their microsite that has all the details about the event.

Twitter is buzzing too and the brand has created a hashtag #MTVBlocParty which you can follow and keep yourself updated about the event. YouTube that has also started to gear up, has a preliminary video which again tells about the event. The video which was uploaded three days ago, seems to be catching up and has got more than 1354 views. I am sure the brand channel will introduce more videos related to #MTVBlocParty with time to build the excitement of the 20 hours madness that will blow off Mumbai.

With the likes of DJ Alesso, who is ranked among the top 20 DJs in the world and the likes of Deniz Koyu, Jean Elan, Cosmo Klein, Simon Dunmore and Shovel performing, I am sure this would be one mammoth party that Mumbaikars would love. So, wait for the madness in the New Year and we will keep our eyes on this news since we are sure there would be loads of campaigns developing around the party.