It’s that time of year again, the time of year when the manliest of men come out of hiding. They set aside their perpetual grooming, high fashion sense and their secret love of hot tea for something with a little more weight. Instead, they let their hair grow wild, pull out their burliest flannel and add whiskey to their coffee. Anything that grows hair on their chest (or face) is fair game. All hail the Movember manly man, hiding his most feminine qualities for the sake of men everywhere!

MovemberWhat is Movember you ask? Movember is a project dedicated to raising awareness on certain men’s health issues, particularly testicular and prostate cancer. Men across the United States raise awareness and funds for these initiatives by growing the most spectacular mustache they can muster. November first finds the participants clean shaven and ready to start a month of pure ‘stache domination. They track their progress via donation pages and spend endless hours creating the most impressive spectacle their face has to offer.

Sounds awesome right? We thought so too! That’s why members at Slingshot have created a friendly competition amongst themselves to prove one thing: who is the manliest man at Slingshot SEO? It’s a hefty title to hold, but these men are up for the challenge. Here’s an intimate look at a few of the participants and ways you can help their initiatives!

Cameron Hail – All hail the ‘Country Rock’ man. A certified country crooner, don’t let his curly exterior fool you, he’s a man out to rock his stache to the full potential. His knack for music makes this lady killer a true threat in this competition. When he isn’t strumming his guitar to a crowd of frantic girls, he’s busy perfecting the ideal rock star kick. With a goal of $500, he’s sure to swoon his way to the top. Follow his stache-tastic tweets here or donate to his cause!

Grady Neff – All hail the ‘24 Inch Pythons’ man. His plentiful hair may seem nonthreatening, but this ginger has facial hair Chuck Norris would kill for (and probably has). His regular routine of pull-ups and protein shakes makes his stache the strongest of the bunch. To follow his strenuous body building regiment or to hear his tales of eating raw meat for sheer protein, check out his twitter. If you’re in the business of helping his cause, his donation page packs a punch!

Joseph Parker – All hail the ‘Spitting Image of Ron Swanson’ man. This wood chopping, fire starting, animal hunting man has scared the fur right off a live bear. Add a manly mustache? No creature is safe. When this stache gets into the woods, all bets are off. His all encompassing campfire skills are sure to embarrass even the most experienced Eagle Scout. His manly tweeting-capades can be found here. If you’re up to help a manly man reach his donation goal, feel free to check out his donation page!

Fun and games aside, Movember is a worthy cause dedicated to raising awareness of very serious health issues. Men across the country are taking a stand with a little bit of humor, and the men here at Slingshot are making moves to raise awareness and money for the cause. We encourage you to visit their donation pages or simply give them a shout out online with the hashtags #Movember and #TeamStacheBack. Their commitment may seem trivial to the average onlooker, but their selfless pledge to raise money for men across the country is truly poignant and speaks volumes to their character.

Aside from the three highlighted members above, we also have two other worthy competitors. Aaron Cook and Kenneth Story have also stepped up to the challenge of growing the manliest mustache on the first floor of the 8900 building. Humor and generosity reign all month long with the Movember campaign. With competition this fierce, I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Who is the manliest man at Slingshot?

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