I’ve seen and heard a number of different mantras assigned to millennials, most of which have been based on negative stereotypes. There’s been everything from “Me, Me, Me” to “Me, Myself and I” to My way or No way”. None of these statements fairly or accurately capture the essence of this generation and what they collectively represent.

So then, what is an accurate millennial mantra? What statement or proclamation best captures and represents the true intersection point of the hearts and minds of millennials?

Based on my experiences, millennials are so dynamic and multifaceted, that it seems almost impossible to assign a limited set of words to appropriately represent a generation who believes in a life without limits.

As I take a look at some of the millennial attributes, it helps to get closer to what I believe the millennial mantra to be. Seven primary attributes of this generation are as follows…

1. Driven

2. Inclusive

3. Multifaceted

4. Philanthropic

5. Entrepreneurial

6. Transparent

7. Connected

To truly get to the calling card of this generation though, we have to factor in the generational shaping events, climate and culture that millennials are faced with.

Millennials are facing some real challenges right now. That includes, but is not limited to the economy, the job market, health care, education, gender relations, race relations, and government. It’s the lens through which millennials see these challenges however, combined with their core generational attributes that help me define the millennial mantra.

Millennials believe in themselves, even when others don’t. They don’t believe in the impossible. If they don’t think your way makes sense and you can’t explain to them why it does, they will create their own way.

Millennials are determined to bring about what they believe is a long overdue change in the way things are done. They believe in making a better life for themselves and others instead of just making a living.

With all due respect to those who view the millennial mantra as self-centered and narcissistic, I challenge you to see it simply as a new era , with new expressions and new expectations. They are simply doing what they believe is necessary to impact the change they see is needed to benefit the many instead of just the few.

Several of my millennial crew kindly suggested that the Tru Access mantra of “Prepare. Perform. Prevail” applies as an appropriate millennial mantra. As much as I appreciate that perspective and tend to agree, I also recognize that this is a subject where the actual words that apply can be as dynamic and versatile as the generation to which they are applied. Ultimately though, it’s the essence and spirit of the statement that truly determine its accuracy.

Based on my experience with millennials, I would say the statement that best captures the millennial mantra is “Dream Big. Hustle Hard. Give Back.”

How would your define the millennial mantra?

If you know a millennial that is committed to using his or her time, talent and treasure to impact change where they see change is needed, please let us know. We would love to recognize them and reward them for their commitment. Click Here