Football season is finally here! I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m excited. I’m excited for my New England Patriots and I’m excited for my Fantasy Football League. For the first time this year, it occurred to me that unlike my beloved Patriots and all the other teams in the NFL, my fantasy team does not have a mascot. As I began thinking about what would be a good mascot for my Fantasy Football Team, I also began to think about what would be a good mascot of my beloved millennial generation; “Team Millennial”.

Mascots, although strongly associated with sports teams, are obviously not exclusive to sports teams. Many businesses, brands, clubs, groups and even military units have mascots. Why not explore what an appropriate mascot would be for the millennial generation? It will be educational and entertaining at the same time. And who doesn’t love a little edutainment?

What factors in to the choice of a mascot? Mascots are typically animals, people or objects that are used to represent your brand attributes and identity. A mascot helps people to better identify, remember and understand who you are. So what would be a good mascot for millennials that would help us better identify, remember and understand who they are?

Before we can choose an appropriate millennial mascot, let’s first take a look at some defining millennial attributes and characteristics. Below is a list of seven generation defining attributes for millennials.

  1. Multicultural
  2. Multifaceted
  3. Sense of Discovery
  4. Seeks Authenticity
  5. Connected
  6. Transformational
  7. Inclusive

Based on the above attributes, I could not think of a single person or animal that exists that could appropriately represent and/or serve as a mascot for millennials. That left me no choice but to create one.

My creation for a millennial mascot would be a combination of the Presidential Seal, an Elephant, a Duck, an iPhone and a Butterfly. Unfortunately my artistic skills are not such that I can create an image of what this combination would look like. I can however use my words to help paint the picture.

The Presidential Seal represents the desire an inclination to lead and leverage the power of political influence to impact change. The Elephant represents size, strength and a strong sense of community. The Duck represents versatility as one of a select group of animals that can walk, swim and fly. The iPhone represents the connectedness and affinity for technology. The Butterfly represents both multicultural and transformational because of its diversity of color and its ability to make one of the world’s most amazing transformations.

I am curious to hear what you guys think would be a good mascot for “The Millennials”. What do you think? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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