Aprimo’s Perspectives on Eloqua’s IPO Registration Filing

In just over one year, IBM snapped up Unica, Aprimo joined forces with Teradata and, most recently, Eloqua announced plans for an IPO. While the Eloqua news is on a different level than Unica and Aprimo’s – Eloqua is looking to repay debt according to the Wall Street Journal – the industry is certainly evolving at a rapid pace to meet customer demand. To put it all in perspective, we asked our CMO, Lisa Arthur, for her thoughts, and we’ve excerpted her answers below.

Q: Are you surprised that Eloqua announced its plans for a public offering?

A: No. Marketing technology is a competitive industry and it will take significant resources to remain viable, especially as marketing gets more complex, not less.  Consolidation has already created well-heeled players with resources to drive new innovation and change the industry, internationally as well, so smaller players will have to be more aggressive if they are to keep pace.

Q: Why are we seeing so many exits over the past 12 months?

A: There is tremendous opportunity in this market with innovation in advertising, digital marketing and social media driving new investments and new revenue opportunities. We’ve been talking about this a lot as the Marketing Revolution. And businesses of all sizes, especially larger B2B and B2C enterprises, now see that integrated marketing management (IMM) is a way forward. But true IMM, as defined by Gartner, requires a tightly integrated platform – including access to Big Data – that few companies have.  Together with Teradata, we have that already, and that enables us to lead in IMM today.

Q: How does news like this change your strategy?

A: Our strategy remains that same – continue to to drive the revolution and capitalize on the synergies with Teradata to extend our IMM lead, using our position as a profitable company to deliver more and more innovation as we go.  If anything, news like this shines a bright spotlight on our company, reminding the industry that we already offer everything a marketing organization needs today. That includes best-in-class marketing operations and marketing performance management – providing rich insights that align sales and marketing to capture new revenue; multi-channel campaign management – to deliver unmatched demand generation and lead management capabilities; and marketing data and analysis that ties it all together.

Q: Will we see more exits and consolidation?

A: We’ll likely see more companies trying to spend their way into the IMM space through acquisition, especially since Gartner believes it’s a $5B industry. But it has been a tough IPO market in recent years, so time will tell whether other companies will choose this route. But with a recent Gartner report saying that companies that achieve an Integrated Marketing Management strategy by 2014 will achieve a 50% higher ROMI than those who do not, it’s certain that many companies in the space will be pulling out the stops to make their offerings more integrated, comprehensive and multi-channel-ready.

Q: Can you sum up Aprimo’s vision for IMM?

A: Today’s marketers realize that marketing software is a critical part of their strategy to improve performance and processes and deliver better, more integrated campaigns with much higher ROI. Smart marketers are now actively driving revenue growth strategies in collaboration with sales, IT and other organizational shareholders, and IMM is increasingly their vehicle of choice. Alongside Teradata, we’re committed to building on our IMM vision by delivering even tighter integration and innovation around digital marketing, social media and real time marketing analytics.