What can’t you do with Facebook? You can share anything you want, friend anyone you want (if they confirm you of course), view clips, listen to songs – whatever. Now your dream of watching full length movies by logging in to your Facebook account can come true.

Netflix plans to extend with Facebook integration. You can now view online video streaming and watch movies with your Facebook account and Netflix.

Keith Butler reports on this in detail in the post “Netflix Plans Facebook Integration” :

Netflix announced Wednesday that they will be making “an extensive Facebook integration.” Netflix has been cautious about jumping into the world of social media, but has decided that the time is right. The company who has taken over the market by being the most forward thinking of the video rental companies is attempting to stay one step ahead of the competition once again.

Integrating with Facebook would not only allow each individual user to create their own instant queue, but would also allow users to suggest movies to their Facebook friends as well as share their movie watching history in their Facebook news feed. The new features will also include the ability for two people under the same account to watch one movie on their iPad on the go, while the other person will be able to watch a different movie on the home television. This added feature, though will increase the monthly cost, currently a one stream costs $7.99 a month.

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