No matter where you live, Google’s letting you have a white Christmas. Just go to Google and type in ‘Let it snow’ and watch as pretty little snowflakes begin falling down your screen.

Wait a minute and you’ll see the snow quickly turns to fog and the fog will cover your entire screen. Don’t worry because the clever folks at Google included a ‘defrost’ button along with their fun holiday Easter egg to quickly return your screen back to normal.

‘Let it snow’ isn’t Google’s only Easter egg. Have you tried searching for ‘Do a barrel roll,’ ‘Askew,’ or ‘Chuck Norris?’ Have you tried searching for ‘Google gravity’ and then hit “I’m feeling lucky?”

I’m also looking forward to Google’s holiday doodle showing up soon, I had way too much fun playing with their Thanksgiving turkey!

‘Tis the season for sharing – what other hidden Google Easter eggs have you discovered?

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