Did you read the article about SearsKmart? Check it out in the USAToday.  SearsKmart  is closing 100 to 120  stores in 2012.

Reasons for closing

According to the article, stores like Target and Macy’s are stealing clients away from SearsKmart because of lower prices and layaway.

Others say, the issue lies in the fact that SearsKmart has not updated stores in quite awhile.

Have you been to a SearsKmart, Sears Grand, Sears, Kmart?   

What do we call these stores? The storefront may say Kmart, but the signs inside say Sears. In malls, all products are labeled Sears and no Kmart brands. Very Confusing.

The stores are not inviting. The store layout is very broken and it looks like a makeshift store. Also, very little inventory is available.  Also, the outside of the storefronts are often the same store fronts that have been around for decades. Couldn’t they have changed the look and feel of Kmart stores instead of just expanding the sign.

A major overhaul in look and service is needed if the store even has a ghost chance of competing with its competitors. I think the task is almost too monumental at this time.

How many times would you shop at Kmart in a year?  I would say 1- 2 times a year from my experience.

What people are saying online! 

Here are some comments posted from this USAToday article.

Scotty Leasia · Top Commenter · Sam Barlow High School – “We were just in K-Mart on 12/26. About 2 dozens cars in the parking lot and right across the street there was NO parking at Wal-Mart. That K-Mart was such a mess inside – like nobody cared about anything. Floors were a mess, stuff was carelessly tossed on shelves. I’d say K-Mart suffers from severe mismanagement. And they sell crap; nothing anybody would ever want. It’s almost like they are TRYING to go out of business.”

Salomeh Ghorbani · Top Commenter · Germantown, Maryland  – “Sears has lost me as a customer forever – going on 2 months trying to get my fridge repaired – their lack of service, support and consideration for their customers time is infuriating. I hate them and they deserve to close. They charged me $140 for a repair tech to come out for an intermittent leak and he did nothing. No troubleshooting or diagnostics…nothing. Since he didn’t see the problem it did not exist. Sears corporate supported their “tech” and said they have to verify the problem.So, Sears’ solution was for me to stay home from work for several days in the hopes that the leak will occur when the “tech” is there. Sears also wanted me to take a picture of the leak….as if a puddle of water on a tile floor will show up. When I asked how that was different from pointing out where the leak happens, the went back to the “verify” policy – as if I would put myself through the hell of dealing with Sears service for no good reason. I have since found on my own how to reproduce the leak on demand, and have left multiple calls and emails with Sears corporate and gotten no response. I wish other techs would work on Kenmore branded items – I go through this hell every time I need anything from Sears. They deserve to go out of business.”

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What would you do if you were given this task to rebuild the SearsKmart Market Share?
  • Have you analyzed the way your own company does business?  How do others on the outside view your company?
  • Do you think you are losing customers because of competitor’s lower prices or is the issue deeper? – – You may want to seek client input here.
  • Just some thoughts as we start a new year! Learn from others mistakes. Reread the article again and read the comments posted by readers. Sometimes the disconnect may be quite large.

Picture via Alan Ferguson