Fans around the world look forward to the Super Bowl ads all year round, but as you might have noticed marketers took a different approach to creating their ads this year and let social media play a huge role and were very focused on creating conversation around their ads. As marketers, there’s a lot we can learn from what worked and what didn’t to apply it to our own campaigns. Here’s a few tips…

Get creative with humor.

We saw lots of different commercials throughout the entire event, but which ones do you remember the best? While you might have thought Mountain Dew’s “Puppy Monkey Baby” commercial was the strangest thing you’ve ever seen, it stuck in people’s brains and was one of the most talked about ads during the Super Bowl on social media. Budweiser tackled the serious topic of drinking and driving with their, “Give a Damn” commercial and also received a ton of conversation thanks to their humorous #giveadamn hashtag. Other commercials that created conversation around their funny campaigns included Esurance’s #EsuranceSweepstakes, and Avacados from Mexico’s, #AvosInSpace. It’s clear that marketing messages stick if there is a little humor involved even if it’s totally bizarre or regarding a serious topic.

Go viral or go home.

In the past, marketers had one shot at making their ad a hit when it got air time during the Super Bowl. This year marketers were not looking to have a one hit wonder, they were looking to have their ad go viral. Many of the ads were even available by the Friday prior to the Super Bowl and top ads like like Hyundai’s “First Date” has over 12 million views since it’s air date of February 3rd. This proves that just like holiday sales, it’s never too early to start promoting. The focus is all about making your message and brand go viral rather than the build up around one day.

Social media is key.

While marketers got creative with their ads, what ultimately made certain ads go viral? Social media users. YouTube and Facebook were key players in helping ads to go viral prior to the games. Facebook saw nearly half a million shares on T-Mobile’s “Restricted Bling” commercial prior to the Super Bowl and YouTube was home to many of the conversations surrounding the early released videos. As for Twitter, it once again proved its power with real-time viral marketing. There were over 3 million mentions of the various commercials and over 6 million tweets using #SB50 over the entire weekend.

If you’re looking to plan a new marketing campaign take a few tips from the Super Bowl and use humor is the underlying message – it can even help when you are trying to be serious, start creating the buzz around your campaign sooner than later, and recognize that different social media platforms have different strengths, use them to your advantage.

Photo Credit: Flickr User Elvert Barnes