Image Source: John Shahidi Twitter

Teen sensation Justin Bieber recently stepped into the Social landscape in a different way. Bieber invested $1.1 million into a social network called Shots of Me, along with boxer Floyd Mayweather, and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar.

The social network plans to address issues such as cyber bullying and will focus mostly on teenagers. According to the developers, John and Sam Shahidi, Bieber showed his interest in the company by tweeting about his progress in their games. This news follows recent data that shows more and more teenagers are tired of Facebook due to the “drama” associated with it. The Shahidi brothers hope to attract teens who aren’t getting on other networks.

It comes as no surprise that Justin Bieber is a suitable choice to spearhead the investment as he was only recently usurped from his position as the most-followed person on Twitter. Bieber’s staggering 46 million followers is only second to Katy Perry, who took the number one spot earlier this week. But Bieber’s influence on Social Media is well documented as demonstrated by his first Instagram picture, which brought down Instagram’s servers.

Shots of Me, which has already established its presence in online gaming, will be making its first entry into social media. The social network plans to reach out to Apple Store later this week.