Your high school career is constantly preparing you for the real world and college. Being told your future depends on going to college is a huge load on your shoulders. However, is college still even worth it?

Over the past 25 years annual tuition costs in US colleges have risen four times faster than general inflation rates. Only 25% percent of Americans find tuition affordable. However, with the majority of Americans thinking that tuition is unaffordable 94% of parents expect their children to attend college. Also, 48% of adults between the ages of 18 to 24 say they didn’t go to college because they found it too expensive.

At the age of 65, the lifetime value of having a college degree is $2,354,156 while high school graduates are only looking at the value of $1,532,200. Over a career a bachelor’s degree is worth $821,956 more than a high school diploma. That is 65% more the average cost of the degree itself.

The question here is should you go to college? Is the amount that will be spent on a degree and the time it takes worth the money you could potentially be making? Education is very pertinent to your life’s career options, the decision is yours. College or not?

Check out this infographic presented by Degree Jungle to learn more.

Is College Still Worth It – An infographic by