The 25-year-old Florida woman accused of suffocating her two-year-old daughter with duct tape in June 2008 continues to show no emotion towards her dead child during her murder trial. 

The young woman asserts that the child accidentally died in the family’s swimming pool, prompting a cover-up by the family.  Prosecutors say that she is a stone cold killer who took the life of her own child in order to gain personal freedom, placed the girl in the trunk of her car, and drove around as if nothing had happened.  

HLN featured criminal profiler explained to television journalist Nancy Grace that Anthony’s nonchalant mannerisms during vivid descriptions of the child’s death were indicative of psychopathy, a personality disorder characterized by the inability to feel empathy and an innate ability to appear outwardly “normal.”  Psychopaths experience pleasure without shame or remorse from antisocial behavioral.

When Nancy Grace asked how the young woman could remain so calm during the trial, Pat Brown replied, “Well, that`s because you`re a loving mom.  And we`re not talking about you but we`re talking about Casey Anthony who has no love at all for her child because she`s a psychopath.”  She added, “So the only thing that really gets to her is something about her.  So that`s why she`s kind of stone-faced during the stuff about her child, but when somebody is picking on her or, you know, pointing out things about her, then she gets really annoyed and kind of sobby sometimes.”

Pat Brown also said that “She`s a straight-up psychopath, and that`s what Jose Baez is up against. He`s in real bad shape there.”