Celebrating Mother’s Day can be a challenge when your mom is an online seller, spending her days running from the computer to her camera to the printer to that pile of shipping boxes and back again. If your mom is running an online business, here are some tips on how to share (and survive) Mother’s Day with her.

1. Pick up errant packing peanuts for her. Here’s a peanut pick-up tip – collect runaway peanuts with a plastic file folder. Rub the folder up and down your pants to generate static electricity, then move the folder over the peanuts and watch them attach like magic. Just keep the folder away from you, or you could end up as that person walking around with peanuts stuck in their hair.

2. Go on a box-and-bubble-wrap run. Take a tedious chore off of Mom’s “to do” list and go get some boxes and bubble wrap for her. You might think flowers would make a better Mother’s Day gift, but for an online seller, boxes and bubble wrap smell like roses.

3. Make sure the coffee pot is full. After a few hours of running around finding products to be shipped, packing items, answering customer emails (some of which are the topic of a different set of tips), and dealing with marketplace insanity, your mom can end up exhausted and conked out on the couch. Keep a strong pot of coffee available so she can revive whenever she feels the need.

4. Don’t plan a barbecue for shipping day. Barbeques are always fun – except on shipping day. Your mom doesn’t want to be seen by your friends as “that crazy lady”. Determine when she does her shipping, and save the barbeque for a less hectic day.

5. Hide your baseball cards. You know mom wants to get her hands on those baseball cards you’ve been collecting since childhood. She’s just waiting for the right moment to swoop in and post them on eBay. Do yourself and mom a favor – hide them, so you can continue to enjoy a great relationship.

6. Get her a plant – she needs the oxygen. When mom is frantically running around, an oxygen-emitting plant will help her breathe, and remain calm and focused. Plus, she’ll get to enjoy a bit of greenery in her workspace.

7. Learn how to use a box tape machine. Yes, you. You could help out once in awhile, you know. Just remember to watch where you put your hands when taping a box. Otherwise, your fingers get stuck to the tape, then the tape gets stuck to itself, and you end up with a big sticky mess.

8. Cook your own dinner and do the dishes for once. Of course your mom makes the best lasagna this side of Rome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at making spaghetti. If all else fails, there’s always the microwave. Zap up a meal, and forget about doing dishes.

9. Make sure her phone has a mute button. As every online seller knows, there are times when a mute button comes in handy. Your mom don’t want those “difficult” customers to hear what she really thinks. Get her a phone that will let her vent – at full volume – while keeping everyone happy.

10. Get your laundry out of her workspace. There is nothing worse than tripping over a sock when you’re piled high with boxes. It would be a wise move to clear her workspace of any laundry, shoes, golf balls, or other assorted items that have the potential to ruin her day.

These tips will help you and your online seller Mom survive, and hopefully enjoy, Mother’s Day.  Remember to give her a card, a cake, a hug or something else that will help make the day perfect.