If you’ve picked up the paper, or switched on the news in the morning over coffee and toast this week, you’ve no doubt heard about Google’s very recent acquisition of Motorola.  For a cool $12.5 billion, the leading search engine purchased Motorola Mobility Holdings, which was originally the cell phone piece of the Motorola pie.

Google’s goal here is to, “supercharge the Android ecosystem,” CEO Larry Page says.  Android is Google’s software, and is utilized by 39 different mobile phone manufacturers, including Motorola.  And now they now have the hardware to match the software, so to speak.

We have to yet to see how Google is going to employ this new business.  But one thing is sure: they’ve spoken, and loudly.  Google believes in Mobile.  And hey, these days, when Google does something, you follow suit.  Right?

Okay, maybe not always.  But Mobile, as it relates to marketing, is absolutely buzzing these days.  More than 75% of the world’s population subscribes to mobile services.  The eyes are there.

But are you?  Marketers need to integrate Mobile into their overall campaign strategy.  Whether it’s in the form of mobile ads, SMS direct messaging, QR codes, or applications for the smartphones and tablets, it’s essential to use this medium to convey your message.

A recent report declared that the some Google stake holders are concerned by the acquisition, and Google’s stock effectively dropped by 4% since last Friday’s close.  But most likely, this is just a fluke reaction of caution by a few nervous players among many.  Discernably, this is a common occurrence in the stock market.

Regardless of the shareholders reaction, this purchase is a clear indicator of the power of Mobile.  Like other forms of nontraditional marketing out there, it allows consumers to engage with a brand on their terms.  Sure, conventional vehicles of marketing still endure: radio, TV, print, etc.  But these must be coupled with Mobile, social media, and other niche areas of the mix to ensure you’re not missing out on connecting with your target audience.

Whether you’re a fan of Google or not, we can’t deny that this search engine has gained tremendous strength in not only its marketplace, but others.  It’s now taking on the Mobile industry.

If Google’s doing it, shouldn’t you be?