Electronics are the gift of choice for Mom this year. More than nine of 10 consumers plan to celebrate Mother’s Day and they’re going to be doing it a little bit harder and a little bit more high-tech this year than last.

According to our annual Mother’s Day survey, total spending is estimated to be $15.7 billion, an average spend of $148.00, up nearly 5% from last year. Twenty percent of consumers – twice as many as last year – have turned their focus to electronics this year with shoppers indicating that they’re going to buy:

  • Electronic readers (25%)
  • Tablets (19%)
  • Smartphones (15%)
  • Computers (9%)
  • Cameras (6%)

All other traditional gifting areas showed little or no change from last year. Except books. That’s the only category that had a decrease. But based on buying intentions, it appears that electronic readers are replacing traditional books. Other Mother’s Day gift categories look like this:

  • Cards 97%
  • Flowers 70%
  • Brunch/Lunch/Dinner 58%
  • Gift Cards 58%
  • Clothing 36%
  • Jewelry 25%
  • Spa Services 17%
  • Books 15%
  • Candy 5%

Given this year’s high-tech/electronics gift trend it’s fair to say that more than ever, the most modern device in the household just might be Mom!