Do you have a nonprofit organization? Are you looking to find ways to promote your mission and initiatives? Google has a nonprofit edition of Google Adwords (Google’s pay per click advertising platform). This program grants nonprofits $330/daily ($10,000 per month) free advertising on Google Grants is available in the US and 30 other countries. However, each country has their specific eligibility requirements so you will need to follow the guidelines for your specific country. We’ll focus on Google Grants for nonprofits in the US in this post..

There are several eligibility requirements to apply for Google Grants.

1) You are required to hold a current 501c3 status in the IRS’s online database.

2) Government entities, hospitals, health care organizations, schools, childcare centers, academic institutions are NOT eligible for Google for Nonprofits.

3) Google has the right to grant/deny an organization at its discretion.

4) Grantees are required to be actively managing their Adwords Accounts. Nonprofits are required to be responsive to email requests and login to their account monthly to review performance and make updates.

5) Nonprofits must have a website.

6) Keywords that you target must be relevant to your organization.

7) Nonprofits are not allowed to have revenue generating ads (ie Google Adsense) or affiliate advertising links on their website.

8) Your ads must link to the URL that is included in the application. You are not allowed to have ads that link to a different domain.

9) If your nonprofit promotes products/services on the site, 100% of the sales and/or proceeds must be used to support your program.

10) Your adcopy must reflect your organization’s mission.

In addition to the $10,000 free monthly advertising, nonprofits also get free access to a suite of other premium Google products including Youtube for Nonprofits, Google Earth Outreach Grants, and Google Apps for Nonprofits.

If you meet these requirements and want to start promoting your nonprofit, you can sign up for Google Grants here. Look out for a follow up post on how to manage your Google Grants Adwords account. Google has several restrictions that limit where your ads can appear and how much you can bid. I will go through some Adwords tips and best practices to help you promote your nonprofit in