Maybe it should be called Google++++ (considering the fledgling social network managed to post a whopping 1269% increase in traffic over the previous week. What drove the huge leap? The network is now open to everyone and no longer requires invites. With an estimated 43 million users, and 15 million U.S. visitors last week, it rocketed to the 8th most visited social networking website. Does Google+ now have the muscle to beat out Facebook? This group of industry insiders is still undecided, but clearly the argument that “no one’s there” — which matters greatly to Millennials — no longer holds water) (ReadWriteWeb) (PSFK)

Three quarters of 14-24 year olds say that digital abuse is a serious problem (for people their age, and 56% have experienced such abuse, up from 50% in 2009, according to research from MTV and Associated Press. What’s more, 41% of young people in relationships have experienced digital dating abuse, most commonly with their boyfriend or girlfriend checking up on them multiple times a day online or on their cell phones. Speaking of MTV, on a lighter note, the O Music Awards are back for fall with voting starting today. Celebrating the best in digital music, fans can vote for the Digital Genius Award, Most Addictive Social Music Service, Best Music Forum, and more. Winners will be announced during a live stream on October 31) (AThinLine)

Young voters may have a significant role (in the 2012 presidential election. A record number of 18-24 year olds turned out for the 2008 elections, and this time around, they’ll be voicing their concerns about youth unemployment, student debt, and more. One way in which Obama has won over Millennials is through his attention to the issue of bullying, which even impressed Lady Gaga. Hollywood connections were influential for Obama in 2008, but Millennials are a generation more influenced by consensus than celebrity, according to Variety. No doubt youth marketers will be paying attention to campaign strategies targeting young voters) (FOX News) (MTV)

We’re excited to hear all about the specs for Amazon’s new tablet, dubbed the Kindle Fire (when it is revealed to the public tomorrow at a press conference. It is slated for a November release, just in time for the holidays — but does it have a chance to surpass the iPad in holiday sales?) (Tech Crunch)

It’s already starting to feel like ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Guitar Hero’ (are relics of the past, but music video games aren’t dead. They’re just living on in different formats — online and as apps — which continue to give fans a unique, interactive way to engage with tracks from their favorite bands) (Mashable)

Under Armor first gained popularity with its tough guy image (but now it’s showing a softer side as it courts co-eds, the “96% of college girls who don’t get the scholarship but still want to work out.” The brand launched a campus program with ambassadors just for college women. Young women want more than just a good sports bra, they want workout wear that helps them look good going from the gym to the coffee shop) (MediaPost)

And now for your daily dose of nostalgia, Pac-Man (is coming to TV as the star of a new 3D animated series slated to debut in 2013. Is there any childhood reference that marketers won’t try to reinvent for the next generation? In other TV news, “Glee” is no longer the front runner in social TV. Would you believe that title is now held by “Big Bang Theory,” which is getting big buzz as it moves into its fifth season?) (Kidscreen) (Ad Age, reg required)